About Us

Palestine Motors Company (PMC), an affiliate of Abu Khader Group, is a private shareholding company and an official importer of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Products as well as Veedol, Wurth, DN8, Arrow filters, Techking tiers, NSP CV Joints and many others beside BMW and Mitsubishi genuine parts.
Palestine Motors Company offers vehicles from different segments such as Saloon, SUV and light commercial vehicles.


We are a leading automotive dealership and spare parts organization in the Palestinian Market concentrating our efforts on being a market oriented and a cost effective company with a strong emphasis on developing our employees and having the customer as our first priority to ensure highest customer satisfaction and quality service.


Our Vision is to become the leading automotive dealership and spare parts Distribution Organization in the Palestinian Market.

Dear clients and Partners

I speak for all the exceptional members of the Abu khader Group team when I say we’ve been continuously striving to provide our clients with superior products and services, with a steadfast commitment from the very beginning of our journey to exceed our clients’ expectations in every way.

Abu khader Group is a growing corporation, the lessons learned on our journey of discovery have helped us prepare for and navigate the significant challenges that we encounter in today’s competitive markets. By focusing on our core elements– namely, ur people, clients and ability to deliver innovation – we have achieved another period of industry leading performance.

The last few years have witnessed unparalleled growth for the Group, and the future looks even more exciting. To keep in stride with our growth, we’ve made several organizational changes to help unlock future growth potentials. Our business model has shifted from being a family business and is now run by a leading head, to become more of an institutional organization with a decentralized structure, allowing each company within the Group to have a more focused approach towards its operations.

The changes mentioned above have successfully assisted us in enhancing our business model and competitiveness, thus distinguishing ourselves in our respective industries, and optimizing our business for continued profitable growth.

Today’s economy is ever demanding that organizations are forced to do more with less. Although our business is not immune to continued economic and political uncertainty, yet it is resilient. We have an unwavering commitment towards our customers; their success is our success. We continue to draw on our broad resources and expertise to deliver innovative products and services to our customers’ with real tangible results.

The future is looking very bright as we can foresee future expansions in different sectors. Our expansion plans are based on comprehensive research and development to ensure that we have an unprecedented competitive edge in every market that we choose to enter.

We at Abu khader Group are committed to maintaining our market leadership and financial strength, while continuing to put our clients and people on the top of our priorities. After all, this is the best way we know to create our long term business vision.

Sincerely Yours,

George Abu Khader